Privacy Policy


We, at DECOLORES MÁRMORES E GRANITOS DO BRASIL LTDA., believe that the privacy of the individual is a fundamental human right. Therefore, we present our Privacy Policy to you, USUÁRIO , so you have knowledge of related rules to how we collect, we record, store, use, share and exclude your personal data, according to the laws in force in Brazil, as well as Data Governance best practices.

As a condition to provide the service production and marketing of ornamental rocks , to enter the site , you d eclara their free and informed consent that is fully aware of and in accordance with the terms of this Privacy Policy .


1.1 DECOLORES MÁRMORES E GRANITOS DO BRASIL LTDA only collects information that its owner agrees to give when using our website or other digital channels, for example, when filling out forms to download files and catalogs or when contacting us directly through ours service channels. However, some of this information can be obtained through public sources or even through the sharing of your personal data carried out by social networks and consented to by you when you registered and allowed social networks to share them with third parties.

1.2 The information we collect includes: first name, last name, email, phone number, city, state, country and company.

1.3 The DECOLORES MÁRMORES E GRANITOS DO BRASIL LTDA the search for ensuring the quality of personal data it uses. However, to do so, it is essential that you, the user, provide correct and up-to-date information, striving for veracity.

1.4 Our digital interface can record all activities carried out by you, our USER, through logs . We use the Google Analytics tool , which collects USER information such as IP address, browser used, language settings , pages accessed, through cookies . Information is collected anonymously and for analytical purposes.

1.5 Whenever the USER visit or interact with websites, DECOLORES MÁRMORES E GRANITOS DO BRASIL LTDA can use a variety of technologies that collect, automatically or passively, information on how the sites are accessed. E.g .: geolocation and telemetry, date and time of access, length of stay on a given information page, sending SMS, for cases of double degree of authentication, volume of data transferred in access, data on the level/quality of services (occurrence of failures, intermittency, etc. ), protocols, including internet (IP), with their addressing and ports used, type of browser, resources and devices used, functionality accessed; preferences for specific products, services and activities, such information being provided by the user or deducible from the way the products and services are used or accessed; browsing history, as well as search terms and links used, aiming at any offer and personalized recommendations when there is the user’s consent, through the collection of categories of websites/services/applications, all provided through the mobile device, computer, TV or other compatible device used for navigation.

1.6 All technologies referred to and used in our digital relationship environment will comply with current legislation and the terms of this policy.

1.7 When browsing our interface, the USER may be led via a link , content or services, to other portals or platforms that may collect their information and have their own Privacy Policy. Therefore, it will be up to the USER to keep up-to-date on these policies, and it is up to him to accept or refuse them. We are not responsible for the Privacy Policy or for the content of any websites , content or services linked to the portal, including through links .


2.1. We may use your data that has been collected and records of your activities on our current digital interfaces or that we may develop in the future to improve your experience with us, for the following purposes :

I) Execution of marketing projects and activities and offer of products and services, personalized or not;                   

II) Execution of relationship and customer service activities;                 

III) Sale of products and/or services;              

IV) Execution of marketing activities aimed at attracting new customers;               

V) Analysis of indicators and metrics;                 

VI) Compliance with legal and regulatory obligations;               

VII) Meet the requests of customers, former customers, prospects and other requesting contacts;             

VIII) Improve the products and services offered;          

IX) For sending communications and satisfaction surveys;               

X) Comply with the determinations of competent authorities, such as the National Data Protection Authority or other authorities legitimated by law;                 

2.2. You are aware of and freely consent to the collection of your personal data through our digital platform.

2.3. If you are unable or unwilling to provide your consent, the following services will not be available : sending a message via the Contact Us form , downloading catalogs and manuals.

2.4. The USER may manage permissions regarding the use of their data through the service channel below, and may grant new permissions or withdraw their consent for current permissions, being warned of the consequences of withdrawing consent.

Channel with Data Protection Officer : Our DPO is called Vinicius Volpato and you can make requests about your personal data through the following email: d [email protected] .

2.5. Data collected and activities recorded may be shared with:

A) Competent judicial, administrative or governmental authorities, whenever there is an application, requisition or court order;     

B) Automatically and legitimately, in case of corporate changes, such as mergers, acquisitions or incorporations, and within the same economic group to which we belong.     

2.6. The data of our USERS is accessed internally only by duly authorized professionals, respecting the principle of proportionality, necessity and suitability for the purposes for which they were collected, in addition to the commitment to confidentiality and preservation of privacy under the terms of this Privacy Policy.


3.1. The DECOLORES MÁRMORES E GRANITOS DO BRASIL LTDA licenses technology to serve ads on other sites and content as the content is transmitted by the internet . The DECOLORES MÁRMORES E GRANITOS DO BRASIL LTDA can use third-party network advertisers to serve ads and third-party analytics providers, in order to evaluate and provide information about the use of the sites and viewing of our content. We do not share personal data with third parties, but network ad providers, advertisers, sponsors and/or analytics service providers may set and access their own cookies , pixel tags and similar technologies on your device and may in some way , collect or access your data.


4.1. The data and activity records collected will be stored in a safe and controlled environment, for a minimum period of 6 (six) months, under the terms of the Marco Civil da Internet, observing the technique available at the time.

4.2. The data may be deleted before this deadline, if requested by the USER, as long as they do not comply with legal exceptions so that records are kept.

4.3. The USER is aware that the collected data (whether personal or not) may be stored on servers located in Brazil, as well as in an environment of use of resources or servers in the cloud ( cloud computing ), which entails, in the latter case, the transfer or processing of data outside Brazil, in third countries.


5.1. You are the owner of your personal data and therefore have the right to be empowered to control what happens to them. Therefore, we provide you with resources to let you know what is being done with your personal data, through our service channels.

5.2. We may, for purposes of auditing, security, fraud control and preservation of rights, keep the record of your data for a longer period, in the cases defined by law or regulatory standards.

5.3. If the USER wishes to access, correct, update or request the deletion of their personal data, they may do so at any time by contacting us through the communication channel mentioned above.

5.4. The USER may object to the processing of their personal data, request a restriction on processing, or request the portability of their personal data , contacting them through the aforementioned channels .

5.5. The USER may terminate the communications of marketing we send at any time by clicking “unsubscribe” or the link “opt out” No footer of marketing communications. 

5.6. Likewise, the USER may withdraw his consent for data processing at any time. Withdrawing consent will not affect the legitimacy of the processing carried out prior to the withdrawal, nor will it affect the processing of personal data carried out based on legitimate processes, which do not require consent.


6.1. Our legal basis for collecting and processing personal data is supported by current legislation in the country – Law No. 13.709/2018 (LGPD) and includes:

I) With your consent to do so (art. 7, item I, of Law 13.709/2018);                

II) To comply with any legal or regulatory obligation (art. 7, item II, Law 13.709/2018);              

III) When we need your personal data to enter into or execute a contract with the USER (art. 7, item V, Law 13.709/2018);            

IV) When the processing is in accordance with our legitimate interests and does not disregard their interests related to data protection or fundamental freedoms and guarantees (art. 7, item IX, Law No. 13.709/2018).            


7.1. We may change the content of the Privacy Policy at any time, according to the purpose or need, such as for the adequacy and compliance with legal or regulatory provision, and the USER is responsible for checking it periodically. We will notify you, when significant updates occur that require re- collection of consent, through the means of contact provided. Therefore, it is important that you keep your registration up to date.

7.2. If you have any questions about the conditions established in this Privacy Policy, please get in touch through the aforementioned service channels.

7.3. If any provision of this Privacy Policy is considered illegal or illegitimate, by the authority of the place where you live or your internet connection, the other conditions will remain valid.

7.4. You acknowledge that all communication carried out by email , SMS, instant communication applications or any other digital or virtual form are valid as documentary evidence, being effective and sufficient for the disclosure of any matter that refers to this relationship, except for the various provisions set out in this Privacy Policy.

7.5. This Privacy Policy will be governed by and interpreted in accordance with Brazilian legislation, in the Portuguese language, with the Court of Cachoeiro de Itapemirim/ES being elected , in the relations maintained with USERS, to settle disputes, except for territorial, personal or functional jurisdiction, according to specific legislation.

Last update date : 07/22/2021