Privacy Policy


Decolores Mármores e Granitos do Brasil Ltda, valuing the security and privacy of the personal information of those who access our digital platforms and, for the commitment and respect with the Brazilian legal regulation, as well as for the basic principles of information security, we present our Policy of Privacy, which aims to clarify the collection, treatment and control of personal and sensitive data transmitted through our relationship channels.

Collection of Personal Data

Decolores Mármores e Granitos do Brasil Ltda collects only the information that its holder agrees to give when using our website or other digital channels, such as when filling out forms to download files and catalogs or when contacting us directly through our channels service.


To download files and catalogs from Decolores you share the Information below:

a) Registration data: is the personal information necessary to identify you and thus offer our files and catalogs: name, surname, corporate e-mail and telephone. For our service channel within our website, ‘contact’ tab, you share the Information below:

b) Registration data: is the personal information necessary to identify you and so we can direct the respondent of your request: full name, telephone, email, city, state, country, company and the message written by you.

However, some of this information can be obtained through public sources or even through the sharing of your personal data by social networks and consented by you when you registered and allowed social networks to share them with third parties.

At any time, you can request a copy with all the data that we have about you, exercising your legal right to change, adjust them or even request their exclusion via [email protected]


In order to maintain a relationship with you and improve your experience on our digital platforms, optimizing the performance of applications, Decolores may collect, with your consent, with due legal protection, or even as determined by law in Brazil, The following information:

a) Traffic data: (i) geolocation and telemetry, (ii) date and time of access, (iii) time spent on a given information page, (iv) sending SMS, for cases of double degree of authentication, ( v) volume of data trafficked in accesses, (vi) data about the level / quality of services (occurrence of failures, flashes, etc.), (vii) protocols, including internet (IP), with their address and ports used (viii) type of browser, (ix) resources and devices used, (x ) functionalities accessed;

b) Voice Data: when there is contact through one of the Customer Service or Employee channels, with recording of the service;

c) Profile Data: preferences for specific products, services and activities, such information being provided by the user or deductible from the way the products and services are used or accessed;

d) Navigation Data: browsing history, as well as search terms and links used, aiming at possible offers and personalized recommendations when the user’s consent is obtained, through the collection of the categories of websites / services / applications, all provided through mobile device, computer, TV or other compatible device used for navigation).


Cookies are files that store some basic information about you and what you access on our digital platforms, or about some advertising. They are recorded, temporarily, on the devices used by you for navigation or access to our platforms, allowing us to know in the future when you return that it is you.

The use of cookies helps Decolores to provide you with a personalized service, based on your previous choices, also allowing us to analyze trends to improve your experience on our platforms.

To know more about the Cookie Police of Decolores Mármores e Granitos do Brasil Ltda, as well as the right and the possibility that you have to reject this resource, access the content available at the Cookie Policy – Decolores Mármores e Granitos


You need to be aware that the information that Decolores Mármores e Granitos do Brasil Ltda receives has been shared by you, in accordance with your Provider’s Privacy Policies and, only after receiving and keeping it, do we become responsible for the your custody, zeal and commitment to your privacy, ensuring that it is only used with your consent and for the purpose for which it was collected.

Therefore, it is recommended that you consult the respective privacy policies of your provider’s websites and applications to be properly informed about the use of your personal information and, if you do not agree, you can check the existence of resources made available by the provider for control. your privacy.


Your personal data are used for different purposes, depending on the situation in which they are collected. Most of the time, the purpose is linked to the relationship we maintain with you after your interaction in our virtual environments and to the methods we use to personalize your experience while using our website.

i) execution of projects and marketing activities and offer of products and services, personalized or not;
ii) execution of relationship and customer service activities;
iii) sale of products and / or services; iv) execution of marketing activities aimed at attracting new customers;
v) analysis of indicators and metrics;
vi) compliance with legal and regulatory obligations;
vii) respond to requests from clients, ex-clients, prospects and other requesting contacts;
viii) improve the products and services offered;
ix) For sending communications and satisfaction surveys;
x) meet the requirements of competent authorities, such as the National Data Protection Authority or other authorities legitimized by law;


Decolores Mármores e Granitos do Brasil Ltda may share the personal information contained in its database with other companies in its economic group, service providers or even business partners, as long as there is the consent of the data subject; or based on the legitimate interest of Decolores Mármores e Granitos do Brasil Ltda for the performance of contractual activities or legal obligations and that the information can be protected and protected by those who will receive it.

In addition to the cases provided for above, Decolores Mármores e Granitos do Brasil Ltda may share personal data by court order and / or legal or regulatory determination, in which case it will not be necessary to collect your consent for this.


Decolores Mármores e Granito do Brasil Ltda is committed to ensuring and treating the information of our customers and other data subjects using measures that aim to ensure the protection, maintenance of privacy, integrity, availability and confidentiality of the personal data treated in our environment. In addition to implementing measures to prevent, detect and reduce vulnerability to incidents in our technological environments.


The holder of personal data, a user of Decolores’ digital platforms, at any time, and free of charge, can exercise the following rights:

i) Confirmation of whether or not we process your personal data;
ii) Access to your personal data, if processed by us;
iii) Correction of incomplete, outdated or inaccurate personal data;
iv) Blocking, anonymizing or deleting personal data, and this request will undergo a feasibility assessment, due to a series of legal and / or regulatory deadlines applicable to data deletion, and the data will only be effectively deleted after being exceeded. such terms, without prejudice to possible legal obligations that Decolores Mármores e Granitos do Brasil Ltda has under the Brazilian legislation that governs the matter.
v) Portability of your personal data, when applicable;
vii) Information on the sharing of your data with other companies or with public entities / bodies;
viii) Information about the consequences of not consenting to a specific treatment of personal data (example: when you do not accept our cookie setting, you have the right to know what the consequences are of not accepting);
ix) Revocation of consent;
x) Opposition to any processing of data that you consider irregular.


You have the responsibility to share only true information with Decolores Mármores e Granitos do Brasil Ltda, as well as to protect the confidentiality of login (s) and password (s) of access to the services and products of Decolores digital platforms, including to prevent your unauthorized use and should not share them with third parties.


If you have any questions or suggestions about our Privacy Policy and your personal data contained in our Company, please contact our Supervisor, Vinicius Volpato, through the e-mail: [email protected]


Decolores Mármores e Granitos do Brasil Ltda reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time, keeping it updated and available on the website under the link

In this case, the user will be informed about the substantial changes made, as required by the applicable legislation, and it is highly recommended that the user periodically and in full read this Privacy Policy.