Founded in 2000, Decolores are always in search of innovation to meet the tendencies of the evercharging global stone market. Quality and agility are the hallmarks of our business, ensuring promptness and exclusive customer service.

The trajectory that made us reference in the sector of natural stones began 20 years ago, when Decolores started to quality processing of blocks of marble, granite and quartzite. From day one, we have built a future-oriented business and harmonious practices between company and clients, making a name stands for quality, integraty, and Success within the Global Market.


Industrial Complex

Located in Cachoeiro de Itapemirim and Serra, both cities of Espírito Santo, Brasil - Decolores is a modern and sustanable industrial park, installed in an area of 74.000m² with a prodution capacity of 40.000m² monthly.

With an extensive technological and physical infrastructure, we are a reference in processing and marketing of natural stones in the national and international markets.


Provide natural stones with quality and excellence in service.


To be a world reference in quality in natural stones, generating more profitable results for all involved.








Committed to generate well-being and prosperity.

Environmental Responsability

In order to reduce the activity impacts of the environment, Decolores uses a special filter during the production process of natural stone in order to prevent the waste from being directly discharged into the environment. In addition, it simultaneously reuses water and distributes waste to licensed deposits by registered environmental agencies.

Investing in a system of captured rainwater system that collects rain for redistribution within the production process as well as Solar Cells for light energy generated by the sun for clean electricity/energy throughout the entirety of the company facility.